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Largest places in Guatemala

The largest cities and places in Guatemala at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Guatemala.

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Largest places in Guatemala
Guatemala City Guatemala City1.Guatemala Guatemala994,938
Mixco Mixco2.Guatemala Guatemala473,080
Villa Nueva Villa Nueva3.Guatemala Guatemala406,830
Petapa Petapa4.Guatemala Guatemala141,455
San Juan Sacatepequez San Juan Sacatepéquez5.Guatemala Guatemala136,886
Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango6.Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango132,230
Villa Canales Villa Canales7.Guatemala Guatemala122,194
Escuintla Escuintla8.Escuintla Escuintla103,165
Chinautla Chinautla9.Guatemala Guatemala97,172
Chimaltenango Chimaltenango10.Chimaltenango Chimaltenango82,370
Chichicastenango Chichicastenango11.Quiche Quiché79,759
Huehuetenango Huehuetenango12.Huehuetenango Huehuetenango79,426
Amatitlan Amatitlán13.Guatemala Guatemala71,836
Totonicapan Totonicapán14.Totonicapan Totonicapán69,734
Santa Catarina Pinula Santa Catarina Pinula15.Guatemala Guatemala67,994
Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa Santa Lucía Cotzumalguapa16.Escuintla Escuintla62,097
Puerto Barrios Puerto Barrios17.Izabal Izabal56,605
San Francisco El Alto San Francisco El Alto18.Totonicapan Totonicapán54,493
Coban Cobán19.Alta Verapaz Alta Verapaz53,375
San Jose Pinula San José Pinula20.Guatemala Guatemala47,247
San Pedro Ayampuc San Pedro Ayampuc21.Guatemala Guatemala46,803
Jalapa Jalapa22.Jalapa Jalapa45,834
Coatepeque Coatepeque23.Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango45,654
Solola Sololá24.Solola Sololá45,373
Mazatenango Mazatenango25.Suchitepeque Suchitepeque44,132
Chiquimula Chiquimula26.Chiquimula Chiquimula41,521
San Pedro Sacatepequez San Pedro Sacatepéquez27.San Marcos San Marcos40,021
Salama Salamá28.Baja Verapaz Baja Verapaz40,000
Antigua Guatemala Antigua Guatemala29.Sacatepequez Sacatepéquez39,368
Retalhuleu Retalhuleu30.Retalhuleu Retalhuleu36,656
Zacapa Zacapa31.Zacapa Zacapa36,088
Jutiapa Jutiapa32.Jutiapa Jutiapa34,332
Jacaltenango Jacaltenango33.Huehuetenango Huehuetenango34,084
Santiago Atitlan Santiago Atitlán34.Solola Sololá33,309
Momostenango Momostenango35.Totonicapan Totonicapán31,739
Palin Palín36.Escuintla Escuintla31,329
San Benito San Benito37.Peten Petén30,764
Barberena Barberena38.Santa Rosa Santa Rosa30,539
Ciudad Vieja Ciudad Vieja39.Sacatepequez Sacatepéquez30,203
Ostuncalco Ostuncalco40.Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango28,894
Fraijanes Fraijanes41.Guatemala Guatemala28,492
Nahuala Nahualá42.Solola Sololá27,690
Cantel Cantel43.Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango26,063
Panzos Panzós44.Alta Verapaz Alta Verapaz25,569
San Marcos San Marcos45.San Marcos San Marcos25,088
Santiago Sacatepequez Santiago Sacatepéquez46.Sacatepequez Sacatepéquez24,210
La Gomera La Gomera47.Escuintla Escuintla24,001
Santa Cruz del Quiche Santa Cruz del Quiché48.Quiche Quiché23,618
Nebaj Nebaj49.Quiche Quiché23,301
Tecpan Guatemala Tecpán Guatemala50.Chimaltenango Chimaltenango21,978

1 - 50 of 327 places
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